Process & Proceedures

Healthcare Logics LLC was envisioned to bridge the gap between patients and hospitals/physicians and to educate everyone

 We work with you on your schedule to achieve the goal of a healthier community overall.


 What services does Healthcare Logics LLC offer?

  1. In home physicals

  2. In home pre-op physicals 

  3. Telehealth

  4. Medical education

  5. Remote Patient Monitoring


 How does this help patients?

  1. Each patient receives devoted attention and time

  2. All questions get answered by highly trained medical professionals

  3. Working on their schedules means no missed work/school

  4. Health and wellness tips

 How does this help physicians?

  1. Makes patient compliance easier

  2. Frees up time as needed 

  3. Cuts down on doorknob questions

  4. Access to patients that would normally be home bound

  5. Private practices growth

 How does this help the hospitals/medical facilities?

  1. Cuts down readmission rate

  2. Better utilization of the hospital emergency rooms and cutting down on frivolous visits

  3. After hours direct care 

  4. In home pre-op and post op care prevents unnecessary exposure to infections while in a compromised state

 What is expected from collaborating PCP's?

  • Oversight of patient notes

  • Access granted to HCL in respective EMR

  • Parameters set regarding vitals monitoring

  • Cooperation as needed with HCL staff

  Process and Procedure

  • Patient is identified as a potential candidate for HCL services

  • PCP provides patient demographics to HCL 

  • HCL clinician will be dispatched to perform an initial visit in the patient’s home or PCP’s office

  • Patient information will be provided regularly

  • In case of readings that fall above or below given parameters, PCP will be notified

  • In case of emergency: Patient will be notified by HCL staff and counseled on next steps and records will be sent to PCP

  • Patient will have regular access to HCL staff for any and all medical education upon request

There is no out of pocket expense to the physician participating as well as to the patient themselves