Meet The Team

J Eric Piskura


Eric Piskura serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Healthcare Logics.  

Eric is focused on providing the full range of healthcare options to every member of the community!

Eric Piskura has proven to be a true inspiration to all he encounters.  After having success in the business and financial world as a civilian, it was an honor to have him join the US Military and share his vast expertise to enhance operations.  Many awards and commendations later Eric has decided to get back to his entrepreneurial background by joining forces to create and develop Healthcare Logics.  His impressive background as a professional athlete, financial management with a focus on all aspects of military/government accounting, budgeting, and auditing makes him the perfect fit as CEO of Healthcare Logics.  Not only is he knowledgeable on what it takes to be healthy and fit but also on how to run a successful business.  The perfect combination to run a healthy lifestyle medical clinic to benefit thousands across America.

Eric holds a MBA and graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship from Texas A&M University and a Bachelors from Purdue University.

Danielle Siegel


Serves as Chief Operating Officer of Healthcare Logics LLC 

Danielle has always had a passion for medicine since she was 14 years old.  Starting off as a lifeguard then progressing to physician apprentice while making stops at EMT and Medic and Nurse along the way, she has gained experience and formal education that is utilized daily. Taking a more natural and scientific approach to medicine, Danielle has successfully helped others to get and stay healthy without adding extra toxins into the system.  When she was at the USNS Comfort it was made clear all that was wrong with the healthcare field and Danielle knew how to fix it.


Throughout her life journey Danielle has adopted the motto "see a need, fill a need"

Her passion along with many years of dedication to helping others has resulted in a few community wide programs Danielle has spearheaded with a primary focus on patient needs.  Her passion project that proved a huge success, was an alliance she birthed and nurtured.  The Bushwick Health & Wellness Alliance successfully brought high ranking medical professionals together with high ranking politicians to discuss pertinent medical, chronic care management and safety based challenges the community was facing.  Working together, as one unit, the Bushwick Health & Wellness Alliance proved to be a huge success.  Taking a step back from a traditional caregiver role to a coordinator of care, has been what built Healthcare Logics into the best avenue for everyone to get the best healthcare possible.  She isn't afraid to challenge the "norm" to ensure everyone is treated as she would want her own family to be treated.

Danielle is on a mission to get and keep everyone healthy and safe.