COVID Testing

  • Highly trained and licensed medical professionals conduct all COVID testing

  • Everyone handling patient information is certified in and strictly adheres to all HIPAA regulations

  • All COVID testing specimens collection is performed through the more accurate and less traumatizing oral/saliva collection method

Process & Procedure

Schools & Large Facilities

Information to include for consideration:

1. Name of facility

2. Location of facility

3. Approximate amount of those needing testing

4. Frequency of testing requested

5. Contact person

A contract will be set up which expresses what HCL can and will provide for you

We generally offer PCR testing with 24-48 hour results but can also offer Rapid AG testing upon request.

Results will be sent out in bulk to the facility.  All patients that test positive will be notified via phone call and instructed to notify the facility of their positive result.

Weddings & Special Events

Information to include for consideration:

1. Name 

2. Location of special event

3. Approximate amount of those needing testing

4. Date/Time of event

5. Contact person

We can offer PCR testing within 72 hours prior the the event and/or Rapid AG testing on the day of the event at the door.

Please note:  HCL cannot and will not practice segregation based on any pervious medical procedures, age, gender, race, etc.  We also cannot share or accept medical information on a patient without a written HIPAA release.


Please download and set up the Northwell Patient Portal app for results