About Us

Healthcare Logics was built on the dream of providing help to those that need it, in a brand new way.  We stand for integrity, truth, health and informed decision making.  When New York was struggling through the biggest health scare we have seen in decades, it became clear that a deeper fix was needed.  Much like good medicine, a perfect fix doesn't happen by focusing solely on the symptoms but by delving deeper to get to the root of the issues.  After research and paying attention, Healthcare Logics was born.  

HCL takes a unique approach to healthcare.  It is our belief that every patient deserves complete transparency regarding their conditions and treatment.  It is hard enough to assist patients in making informed decisions even after many years of medical training and practice because none of us are them.  Each patient must live with the decision made and all potential consequences that may come along with it.  Therefore, it is our responsibility to fully inform each patient so they may incorporate it into their own lives and truly feel confident of their decisions.  This had an unexpected positive biproduct of a rise in patient compliance as well.  Patients return to the care and advice of HCL regularly.

Another factor we found helps is taking a more natural approach to healing.  We are not quick to prescribe but rather we work to facilitate natural healing.  The human body is an amazing bio-machine.  When the body is nurtured and cared for it is unbelievable what it can do. Helping patients to harness the natural power of the body utilizing the natural resources available, is like seeing magic.

We at HCL are looking forward to continue growing and expanding our reach through physician groups we manage that share our vision.