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Healthcare Logics conducts the more accurate and less traumatizing, oral swabbing for COVID PCR and rapid tests

Common chronic diseases include arthritis, asthma, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes. 

With the right technology and clinicians paying attention, these diseases can be managed properly and effectively.

On site medical care, including COVID19 testing, helps those that are immunocompromised to stay inside and stay healthy.


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“Our job is improving quality of life.  Not just delaying death”

                        -Patch Adams


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Dear Danielle,


When we called you this morning we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Well, what we got was a quick Covid test and flu test as well.


Later in the day when I told you my throat was on fire and asked if you test for strep, you said you do, and came by in the evening to do it.


Your tagline “The Best Healthcare Right To Your Doorstep” says it all. This is medicine at it’s best. What could be simpler?


We feel like we made a new partner in our journey to health. Thank you so much. 


Rifka  Saltz

— Name, Title